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Tomasz Tofi Torfiński

Tattoo Artist

Rybnik, Poland

Über den Benutzer

Born in 1981 roku in Rybnik, he lives and works here, started tattooing in 2001. After years of tattooing 8miu opened in Rybnik their own copyright tattoo studio INK- OGNITO. Watch his video on the videos page. A graduate art studies in Cieszyn on the graphics. His Favorite style of tattooing is a colorful surrealism . As one of the first in the world a few years ago began designing tattoos using 3D graphics which at present day is the base of his oeuvre . The participant and winner of the prize for most European Convention tattoos such as Paris, Berlin , Rome, Brussels , Dortmund, Frankfurt . As a participant and member of the judging panels for most of the Polish conventions . Tofi permanently cooperates with several European tattoo studios in whose outside tattooing conducts seminars about design and tattooing. Aż trudno w to uwierzyć, ale Tomasz TOFI Torfiński tatuuje już od 18 lat. Dzisiaj jest jednym z najbardziej rozpoznawalnych tatuatorów z Polski, a jego surrealistyczne tatuaże noszą klienci z różnych stron świata.

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