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The tattoo is perceived as an art equal to sculpture, painting or graffiti. It has been tattooed for over 7 years, when the first hole was made in Azazel in Warsaw. The next tattoos were a matter of time - AKA Berlin, Miami INK, Puro Studio and last Cactus. Collecting tattoos from the world is a goal on the way to bodysuite. Privately a collector of good honey and black tattoo motifs. As he says: black is my happy color.


Guest spots, freie Projekte, neue Künstler, Tattoo Conventions, auf denen du uns treffen kannst und fünf geben kannst - all das an einem Ort. Einfach den Newsletter abonnieren und wir kümmern uns um den Rest. Kein Spam, nur Fakten. Versprochen!